How to Stand Out While Networking?

Let’s face it: some people are really good at networking, and some are just not. Those who naturally excel at it tend to make a great first impression and a memorable impact on the people they meet. However, even the most savvy networkers usually hand out a paper business card that gets lost within the stack that many people accumulate on a regular basis.

Fortunately, there is help for effective and not-so-successful networkers alike: the digital business card. Have you ever considered using digital business cards instead of the old-fashioned paper kind? Did you even know they exist?

Turn Heads and Spark Engaging Conversations While Networking

The digital business card is your secret weapon in a sea of sameness to help you stand out from the crowd. Digital business cards are fresh, modern, innovative, and truly different – the perfect conversation starter. Best of all, you’ll make a memorable first impression when networking that will guarantee you stand out from the rest.

Digital business cards can be sent to anyone from any digital device, and they ensure your contact details are always up to date. They look beautiful, sleek and cutting edge. Haystack digital business cards are now used by over 100,000 companies worldwide, including by many Fortune 500 enterprises. They are ideal for entrepreneurs of any size or type of business.

Some of the top benefits of using digital business cards include:

You’ll Stand Out

People collect a lot of paper business cards at networking events and while out in the field. However, being offered a digital business card is much more rare and different; you’re sure to be remembered with this fresh, modern alternative when making new contacts, and this can lead to further interaction soon after.

It’s An Instant Conversation Starter

Once you set up your digital card (which only takes a minute or so), you’ll never have to settle for an ordinary traditional paper card again. When someone asks if you have a business card, you can say: “I have something better!” It’s an immediate conversation starter and will raise interest in you as a person as well in as your business or product.

Always Current – Even Years Later

Haystack digital business cards are… digital :) that means that when you update your contact details on your virtual card when you move an office, get a promotion, or start a new job, your details get updated on everyone’s devices - even for the people you’ve given your card to in the past! Going digital means that you’ll never have to worry about having half a box of outdated business cards to throw in the recycle bin again, and your contacts will always have your current info even years later.

You’ll Be Right At Their Fingertips

Everyone has a smartphone these days, so with digital business cards, you’ll literally be right at their fingertips all the time. This is in contrast to paper business cards, which can be stuffed into a pocket or thrown in a box with countless others and all too easily lost. An estimated 90% of all paper business cards get thrown into the garbage bin. By contrast, a digital business card can be immediately saved into their phone and it becomes part of their digital communication. When they’re ready to reach out to you, they can easily call up your most current contact information at any time after the networking event.

Memorable Photo

Digital business cards feature the capacity to showcase high quality photos, which will help new contacts to more easily remember you. Haystack cards with your profile image will get 6 times the responses from recipients, when compared with a faceless card. Most people remember faces much easier than they do names, and with a digital business card, they can receive both (and much more).

Social Media Savvy

Digital business cards also include your social media channels to make it easy for new contacts to follow you on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Instead of having to tediously type in your handle, they can simply click a link and get connected. This paves the way for further ongoing engagement that could pay off significantly.

No Special App Needed

Because the business card is digital and in Haystack, the recipients of your digital card aren’t required to have the app. This means you can share your details with anyone you meet at any event using Text, Email, Airdrop, Whatsapp, WeChat and many other platforms.

By now the benefits of digital business cards are probably pretty clear. When you use them, you look like a tech savvy trendsetter on the cutting edge – because you are! Everyone likes to have friends like this ;) so don’t be surprised if you’re placed high on contact lists after sharing this modern alternative to the old-school paper card.

Are You Ready to Raise Your Personal, Professional and Brand Profile?

Whether you’re a manager, innovation officer or self-employed entrepreneur, you can take your brand profile to new heights with digital business cards. They’re a fresh, modern and innovative take on a business staple, and you’re sure to make an unforgettable impression.

PS. Digital business cards are also kinder to the environment than the paper version.

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