Randi Zuckerberg Gets It!

A story from the Courier Mail we had to share :)

IS the old-fashioned business card old hat in the age of the iPhone? When your diarist handed his card to uber-cool Randi Zuckerberg, former Facebook executive and sister of founder Mark Zuckerberg, at a function in Brisbane yesterday she looked at him as if he was 200-years-old. “Oh an actual business card,” she laughed. “I will have to frame that.”

The 200 years old reporter/diarist then responded “Thankfully, we are not Silicon Valley in Brisbane and handing out business cards remains popular, at least for now. Woolloongabba-based printing firm Little Peach Co told us business cards were still a hot selling item, with half a dozen people making inquiries about ordering them yesterday.”.

Dear reporter, Haystack is a Brisbane based startup that is replacing the need for actual business cards. While half a dozen people inquiring about printing a business card yesterday does sound like massive traction and a solid business, Haystack had more than 1,000 people creating their own business card yesterday.

ps. Thanks Malcolm G. for the tip!

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