Apple Clears Haystack For Lift-Off

October 13, 2014

After all the build-up and anticipation, the approval from Apple for our iOS version of the app was a bit of an anti-climax. Just a two line email that arrived without any fanfare. I expected to hear some bugle music at the very least when I opened the email. The wave of relief was quickly... Read more.

Finding Your Eco-System

October 6, 2014

For the six years before my brothers and I founded Haystack, I was a management consultant with PwC in Brisbane. Our team was full of budding entrepreneurs. We worked on billion dollar mining projects by day and on our own start-up ideas at night. Everyone seemed to be involved in side projects. We had Chris... Read more.

Going Global?... Start Local!

September 30, 2014

Have you ever wondered how technology companies manage to cut through the noise and get new products into the hands of the right set of customers? How do you think that your favourite smartphone app got global traction? The typical answer is because; “it’s just good” or “it does exactly what I need it to... Read more.

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

September 23, 2014

Credit where credit is due – I stole the ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ concept from one of my former consulting colleagues and she got it a few years ago from Bob, the same VC guy from New York that threw me out of his office. Standing on the shoulders of giants was Bob’s... Read more.

How To Design A Global App?

September 16, 2014

My favourite App at the moment is Vivino, the app for wine drinkers. The image recognition works pretty well, and the database of wine labels Vivino recognizes is massive. From a Penfolds 389 to an obscure Spanish white, Vivino identifies them all and lets me note how much I paid, where I bought it, and... Read more.

Finding Start-Up Venture Capital In Australia

September 9, 2014

Most start-ups spend a lot of time thinking about how to get their hands on some Venture Capital. It’s accepted wisdom that Venture Capital (VC) companies have money to burn but are short on great ideas to burn it on. The consulting firm I used to work for was full of people who knew where... Read more.

Getting A Start-Up Off The Ground In Australia

August 18, 2014

We all know the story of Google and we’ve even seen the movie of Facebook. They are the start-ups that made it and because they’re so easy to use and seem so obvious now, we wonder why we didn’t think of them first. Sometimes we did – we just didn’t do anything about it. Read more.

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