The Do's and Don'ts of Digital Business Cards

It seems like digital business cards are somewhat similar to tangible business cards. However, there are plenty of idiosyncrasies to note. Perhaps more importantly, there are many potential pitfalls to avoid. Let’s examine the “how to” of digital cards with some tips as to exactly what you should key in on and avoid.

The Do’s of Digital Business Cards

Include a Professional Headshot

Not sure whether to add a professional headshot to your business card or not? We’re certain you should. Adding a professional headshot to your digital business card increases its effectiveness by 400%! So like it or not, if you’d like your business card do the work for you - it is imperative that your digital business card feature your image. Use a professional headshot from the chest on up. You should be presented at your best, wearing business attire, kempt hair and a smile. Make sure the picture was taken in the past decade so it represents your current aesthetic.

Make it personal - include a Note

Do not send a digital business card without a note. The note should be brief but explain your sentiment. As an example, state something like the following: “It was a pleasure meeting you at the convention. I have included my contact information in this correspondence. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.” You can add or subtract from this abbreviated example as desired. Just be sure to personalize the message to ensure that the recipient does not feel as though they have received a generic business card. Be specific by reminding the recipient of the exact place you met her, or any other pertinent details to make the recipient feel as though you truly value and remember them.

Practice Sharing Your Digital Business Card

As is often said, practice makes perfect, and you don’t get a second chance at making a first impression. Practice sharing your digital business card with friends and/or family before sharing it for the first time with a potential client, business partner etc. Practice the presentation of the card until you look and feel like a professional.

Scan The Business Cards You Receive Into The App

Scan each business card you receive into the app to ensure that the information is not lost. This is the type of precise organization that makes the difference between a business partnership that pays big dividends and a missed opportunity.

Above all, Take Pride in Your Digital Business Card

‘Digital’ doesn’t mean ‘sloppy’. You should love your digital business card, not just be “OK” with it. The card should represent you as a professional and highlight your attention to detail. If the card is not completely designed to highlight the merit and nuances of your brand, don’t use it! Keep perfecting your card until you are completely satisfied with its appearance and message.

The Don’ts of Digital Cards

Do not Apologize for Presenting a Nontraditional Business Card

You should be proud of your digital business card’s appearance, message and aesthetic. There is something special to ‘being different’ and presenting your credentials and contact information in a highly unique manner. So don’t downplay any aspect of your digital business card. Never apologize for your irreverence for convention. Think of yourself as a trailblazer and thought leader who is not afraid of being innovative. So, when someone asks you if you have a business card on-hand, respond ‘no. I have something better’. Then present your digital business card. This style of response intrigues the other party, is a definite conversation starter, and boosts your image.

Do not use an Unprofessional Picture

Your digital business card’s picture should be professional in every respect. This means you should not use a picture from a tropical vacation, a selfie taken at an amusement park or a college yearbook photo. You should look exactly as you do when working in the office or meeting with clients in a professional context.

Do not Forget to Update Your Information

If you change employers, workplace addresses, professional title, phone number or other key information, update your digital business card right away. Do not lose sight of the fact that updating your digital business card’s details will alter the information on the cards doled out to recipients in the past. This is the type of smart features available for smart digital business card solutions.

Do not Look Down Upon Those who Lack a Digital Business Card

If you meet someone who hands you a traditional business card, do not criticize them or make any sort of joke about their lack of tech prowess. Some people either prefer to see others making the transition first, or just still trying to finish off a pack of thousands of traditional business cards they printed 8 years ago. Your digital card will prove quite memorable and might even inspire them to take the digital route.

Do Not Panic When You Run Out Of Cards

While you can forget your paper business cards, or run out of them, your endless supply of digital business cards is always with you wherever you go.

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